Donating Food & Funds

Donating Funds

NeighborImpact's Food Bank has an ongoing need for funding in order to keep the food recovery trucks on the road, maintain our heavy lifting equipment, purchase food at discounted rates and develop innovative programs to meet the community's needs.

We have several ways in which you can donate, including Sponsorships, Tribute & Memorial Gifts, Monthly Sustainers Club, Corporate Matching, Virtual Food Drives and on-time donations.

Learn more about donating funds

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• View NeighborImpact's Financial Statements

Donating Food

NeighborImpact's Food Bank receives a portion of the food we distribute to local agencies in Central Oregon from people just like you

We accept many types of foods and can work with you to pickup your donation

Find out more about donating funds

• Food Drives - Community members interested in donating food or hosting a food drive

• Food Industry Professionals - People involved in the production and distribution of food

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