Foreclosure Prevention

NeighborImpact is not offering foreclosure counseling at this time.  

Please check back with us and go to link below for other resources.

For information on a foreclosure avoidance conference or mediation (SB558) click here. 


foreclosure prevention and help

"There is nothing in the world greater than not having to wake up every day wondering whether or not your house is going to be foreclosed on and auctioned off to the highest bidder." - NeighborImpact Client

“They explained every program and option very clearly and I am confident that NeighborImpact can help” – Foreclosure Prevention Workshop Attendee

“Thank you for your past hard work and efforts to help us with the modification. I don’t think we expressed our appreciation enough for all you did for us and I know you worked relentlessly for us” – NeighborImpact Client