Members of the Advancement Committee:

Meet quarterly. Zoom or teleconference participation.

The committee membership is informal, and consists of partner organizations in the region who are working with NeighborImpact (or who would like to work with NeighborImpact) to cross-refer to services, to be a subrecipient of or contractor to NeighborImpact or who share a common interest in service delivery to similar populations. Culturally specific organizations are specifically encouraged to participate. The convening chair is appointed by the board president. All board members will be offered opportunities to attend as a courtesy. The committee will:

  • Exchange information about program open enrollment and eligibility. NeighborImpact will share information about new programs being opened or program changes.
  • Introduce new service providers in the region to one another and to NeighborImpact.
  • Explore ways to reach underserved populations, including rural and culturally specific populations.
  • Recommend to the staff and board modification of programs and lines of business to better serve the population.
  • Assess opportunities for partnership with other nonprofit organizations providing related services and make recommendations to the Board regarding partnership opportunities.
  • Engage in joint advocacy around federal, state and local policy and budget, subject to restrictions imposed by law. (All policy positions taken by the committee must be consistent with the established positions of NeighborImpact.)

Interested individuals seeking a seat on the Board of Directors or one of its committees should submit an application describing their qualifications, interests and overall community involvement.

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