COVID Rent Relief

Do I qualify?

    • If you live in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties or the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
    • If you lost a job or income due to COVID-19
    • If you have a compromised health status / elevated risk of infection / vulnerability preventing you from regaining financial stability as a result of COVID-19

The income limit is 80% Area Median Income per county (income before taxes):


1 Person

2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person

8 Person

Crook County $34,400 $39,300 $44,200 $49,100 $53,050 $57,000 $60,900 $64,850
Deschutes County $42,950 $49,050 $55,200 $61,300 $66,250 $71,150 $76,050 $80,950
Jefferson County $34,400 $39,300 $44,200 $49,100 $53,050 $57,000 $60,900 $64,850
Warm Springs $34,400 $39,300 $44,200 $49,100 $53,050 $57,000 $60,900 $64,850
  • If you need help; there are 5 ways to apply:
    • Our Online Rent Assistance Application COVID Rent Relief Application (preferred)
      • Use the button in the upper right hand corner to choose English or Spanish
    • Download the Rent Assistance Application (PDF) (English & Spanish)
      • You will need to be able to print, sign and scan back to the email below
    • Pick up a paper application from our Bend, Redmond or Madras offices
    • Have us mail you an application
    • Call and we will complete it over the phone with you  541-323-0222

We need to have you add these things to your application

  • Last 30 days of all income from all household members 18 or over
  • Contact info for your landlord/property management company
    • As soon as we have these things, we will see if we can help you
  • If we are able to help, we will need these things from you:
    • Proof / Denial of Unemployment -OR- proof that you’ve applied for Unemployment
      • If you cannot get unemployment, that will not disqualify you
    • Letter / Email / Text from employer showing your lay off, furlough status or drop in hours
    • Copy or picture of photo ID for all adults over 18
    • Rental / Lease / Roommate Agreement
  • If you cannot get any of the things above, please apply anyway! We may still be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I owe a lot of back rent?
    • We may be able to help with rent owed as far back as April 2020
  • What if I already signed a payment agreement with my landlord/property manager?
    • We may be able to pay off that agreement as long as the amount doesn’t go back farther than April 2020
  • What if I managed to pay my rent before but can’t pay it now?
    • We may be able to help with future rent payments; these funds end on 6/30/2021
  • What if I need help with RV Park space rent?
    • We may be able to help with that also

For information on the eviction moratorium, CLICK HERE.