Members of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee:


Meet monthly. Teams or teleconference participation.

Membership consists of senior program managers of NeighborImpact and culturally specific representatives invited to participate. The goal of the committee is to find ways to serve culturally specific populations in a more culturally responsive way AND to continue to work on creating an organizational culture within the organization that expands and welcomes diversity. Members are appointed by the board president.

This committee operates using a consensus model and does not vote.

  • Analyze patterns of service to historically populations historically excluded from power and privilege, including populations defined by race, ethnicity or nationality, limited English proficiency, mental or physical disability, gender and sexual orientation and age and veterans status.
  • Based on identified gaps, identify strategies to better serve the underserved.
  • Organize educational programming for board, committee, staff and community around awareness of the unique challenges, daily experience and opportunities to serve historically underserved and marginalized populations.
  • Discuss and propose ways that staff appreciation of diversity can be elevated and unintentional bias can be identified and reduced through education.

Interested individuals seeking a seat on the Board of Directors or one of its committees should submit an application describing their qualifications, interests and overall community involvement.

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