Mortgage Payment Assistance

If you live in Central Oregon, are unemployed, and want help to pay your mortgage, this State-funded program may be the solution

The Home Rescue program is designed to help Oregonians avoid foreclosure by doing one of two things:

1: Pay of monthly mortgage for up to one year or up to $20,000

2: Bring mortgages current if loan is less than $40,000 behind.

Basic eligibility requirements include:

  • Homeowner must currently be receiving unemployment benefits
  • The home is owner-occupied and primary residence
  • Homeowner cannot be in active bankruptcy
  • Homeowner cannot have previously received MPA benefits
  • Homeowner household income is below
Household size Gross Annual Income
1 $84,480
2 $96,480
3 $108,640
4 $120,640
5 $130,240


Ready to Apply?

Applications are accepted on OHSI’s website:

Application opens every other Wed at 12.00 and it remain opens for 6 days.

Once you have submitted your application NeighborImpact HomeSource staff will be your local intake agency for you to bring all the needed documentation.

This program is available in the tri-county region. OHSI determines eligibility of applicants and other eligibility requirements may apply.