NeighborImpact, in partnership with Central Oregon cities and counties, is applying for federal grant funds to support our regional housing preservation revolving loan program. To be eligible for these funds, NeighborImpact must demonstrate homeowner interest in loans for home repairs, septic replacement and/or other eligible activities.

If funded, the Housing Preservation Revolving Loan program will provide low-interest loans to low- and moderate-income homeowners to repair their homes. Types of eligible projects include:

  • Health and safety improvements
  • Septic replacement
  • Sewer line connections
  • Drainfield repairs or installation
  • Private water lines
  • House structural repairs, including roof repair/replacement
  • Repair/replacement of substandard plumbing, electrical, siding, heating systems, hot water heaters, and other related activities
  • Environmental hazard abatement, including asbestos removal, lead paint removal and mold/dry rot repair

To be eligible for the Home Preservation Loan Program:

  • Must be a owner-occupied house or manufactured home
  • Must be a low- or moderate-income household (see the table below for income limits)*
  • Must reside in Crook, Deschutes or Jefferson counties
  • Other restrictions may apply


This program is currently in a wait list status. To be entered in the wait list, please complete the eligibility questionnaire.

Please note that filling out the questionnaire does not guarantee loan approval.  For more information contact John Cox, Lending Director, at (541) 323-0085, or send an email to

*Annual Income Limits:

1-Person 2-Person 3-Person  4-Person 5-Person 6-Person  7-Person  8-Person 
Crook County $34,400 $39,300 $44,200 $49,100 $53,050 $57,000 $60,900 $64,850
Deschutes County $42,950 $49,050 $55,200 $61,300 $66,250 $71,150 $76,050 $80,950
JeffersonCounty $34,400 $39,300 $44,200 $49,100 $53,050 $57,000 $60,900 $64,850


NeighborImpact conducts business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act and all state and local fair housing laws.