Courtney came to NeighborImpact in October 2015 by way of J-Bar-J Youth Services, after experiencing several occasions of homelessness throughout her youth.  She came to NeighborImpact because of DHS involvement, recently having lost custody of her child. Courtney spent time in Nancy’s House, NeighborImpact’s family shelter. Shelter staff provided ongoing support to Courtney, and as a new mother she appreciated the help provided. She moved from the shelter to a rental through access to NeighborImpact Rapid Re-Housing resources, while acquiring the tools toRead More >

 A client recently approached Laurie Purcell, NeighborImpact Food Bank Specialist, at St. Vincent de Paul (La Pine Food Pantry) and stated, “I need to thank NeighborImpact.” The client went on to explain that her husband is a long haul truck driver and they moved from the valley to Christmas Valley to be closer to family, and to purchase an affordable home with property for the kids to grow up on. Approximately six months after their relocation, their youngest son wasRead More >

HomeSource of NeighborImpact is piloting a class called Ready to Rent, hosted by the Bethlehem Inn, which teaches people how to overcome obstacles to renting, including tenant rights and how to manage problems in their rental history. Valerie was one of February’s graduates who was kind enough to share her story: “I was the victim of domestic violence so I ended up at this shelter. Before that had happened I had a housing voucher, andRead More >

Michelle* was struggling both financially and physically when she came to NeighborImact. A 64-year-old woman battling high blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness, and obesity, Michelle also had $25,000 in credit card debt. When it was all too much to bear, Michelle turned to financial counselor Ann Holloman for direction. Ann’s first focus was on maximizing Michelle’s income, which was almost nonexistent. In her 50s, Michelle had had a good paying job, but as her memory startedRead More >

“My friends ask me how I saved my home. I tell them NeighborImpact helps people who need it. We bought our home twelve years ago. We didn’t want to lose it. My wife was part of the whole process. Together, she and Becky took care of the paperwork. When NI got us our supplement, my wife was very pleased!”