Having a financial secure life requires perseverance, willingness to work for it and knowledge.
We want to equip you with tools, resources and skills to make your dreams a reality!

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“The materials presented at the workshops helped build a foundation for financial success”

Money on the Mind participant

“The material was fun to look at from a personal perspective. Budgeting is actually fun!”

Money on the Mind Participant

“This is my third workshop and my overall approach to my financial planning has improved greatly.”

Financial Fitness Attendee 

“She (the financial coach) not only give me ideas on how to manage my money but she did in a way that works for my own habits! considerate of how I operate”

One-on-One Financial Coaching

“Relaxed and Informative   Boosted my confidence”

Ready to Rent Participant

“I enjoyed learning about credit scores and how it affects your everyday life. Most important now I know how to fix it!”

Financial Workshops

“I found an apartment because of this class” Cassie declared, after taking part in the 12-hour workshop that helps individuals overcome barriers to renting.

Ready to Rent!

“Thanks to NeighborImpact, I’ve learned how to manage and save money.”

NeighborImpact Client

“This program helped me to realize my dream of owning my own business. I have learned how to bring my dreams into reality through a network of people and contracts. This program has helped my own family to rally around my dream and start to believe in it themselves.”