What is the IDA

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts that allow individuals and families to save and generate money for a specific savings goal.

For every $1 you save, you receive a match of an additional $3. If you save the maximum amount of $3,000 of your own money during the course of the program, you will receive $9,000 of matching funds to be used for your goal.

You can complete the eligibility questionnaire using the link provided. Submission of the questionnaire will automatically enter you into the lottery for the program.

Complete the Eligibility Questionnaire

NeighborImpact offers the following types of IDAs



Financial Eligibility

Household income must be at or below the following:

Number in Household Max. Household Income
1 $42,850
2 $49,000
3 $55,100
4 $61,200
5 $66,100
6 $71,000
7 $78,020
8 $86,860
Each Additional Member $8,640
  • Participants must complete four workshops on personal finance, in addition to one-on-one coaching. Additional education is required for specific IDAs.
  • Further restrictions and requirements apply.

What’s Next

  • If you meet initial eligibility criteria, you will be entered into a computerized lottery system.
  • Names will be selected periodically based on slot availability.
  • Names will remain in the database until all the slots have been allocated for the year.

FAQ & Program Process

Please note that filling out the questionnaire does not guarantee acceptance in the IDA program.

For further information you can contact us at 541-323-6567 or via email at homesource@neighborimpact.org.