NeighborImpact offers a variety of loan products at reasonable interest rates.
Loans are made based on availability of funds and income guidelines (detailed below). Loans are made for
home rehabilitation, septic replacement, well repair and down payment assistance.

Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA)

Provides assistance to low-to-moderate income first time homebuyers. The loan is limited to a maximum amount of 20% of the Sales Price. The loan term is 30 years. Repayments will start immediately after closing, with a fully amortizing loan payment consisting of principal and interest paid monthly. The loan may be used in conjunction with eligible first-time homebuyer and low-to-moderate income loan programs, such as the Oregon Bond Program. To be eligible for a DPA loan, borrowers’ income must be below the area median income.

Household Eligibility Requirements:

  • First-Time Buyer: The program is for first-time homebuyers. A first time homebuyer is defined as households that have not owned real property in the previous 3 years.
  • Income: This program is for applicants with a maximum household income below the median income for the county in which they intend to reside.
  • Debt-to Income: Cannot exceed 45% Back end debt ratio. Back end ratio is defined as primary housing expense (PITI) plus all other monthly debt service which will continue for more than 10 months.
  • Down Payment: A minimum investment of 1% will be required from the borrower’s personal funds to be used for down payment and/or closing costs.
  • Credit Worthiness: Households shall have sufficient income and credit worthiness to qualify for primary financing from a conventional lender.
  • Required Training: All buyers receiving loans through the DPA program are required to participate in eight hours of home buying education. The participants must receive a certificate of completion for homebuyer education prior to DPA loan closing.
  • Owner-Occupancy: The applicant household must occupy the property being purchased.

Loan Limits and Terms

  • Maximum Loan: The maximum loan under this program is 20% of the Sales Price.
  • Rate: The rate of DPA loans to be set by the Lending Committee. Rates are subject to review and change by Lending Committee at any time, however interest rate will not exceed 2% of the rate of the first mortgage on any given loan regardless of posted rate. Likewise rate on any given loan will not exceed the posted rate.
  • Term: The term of the loan is 30 years and is fully amortized.
  • Assumptions: The loan is not assumable.
  • Security: A promissory note and deed of trust will secure the loan.
  • Refinancing: DPA refinancing is not allowed.
  • Loan to Value: NeighborImpact will not lend second trust deed funds in cases where the financing on the property exceeds 100% of the purchase price, although DPA does allow for the closing costs to be financed.
  • Fees: Vary, depending on funding source.
  • For further inquiries, email

Eligible Loans

  • DPA loans can be used with conventional or government fixed-rate loans or adjustable rate loans with no negative amortization. DPA loans cannot be used with interest only loans.

First Time Home Buyer Veterans Grant

Ten $15,000 grants available to veteran first time home buyers.

  • Household income below 100% Area Median Income
  • Must provide proof of eligibility with a certificate of release or discharge from active duty (DD 214).
  • Maximum grant amount = $15,000
  • Must complete Home Buyer Education course within the last 18 months (available through NeighborImpact’s HomeSource), and attend a one-on-one housing financial counseling session
  • Click here to apply

Home Preservation Loan Program

The Housing Preservation Loan program provides low-interest loans to low- and moderate-income homeowners to repair their homes. Types of eligible projects include:

  • Health and safety improvements
  • Septic replacement
  • Sewer line connections
  • Drainfield repairs or installation
  • Private water lines
  • House structural repairs, including roof repair/replacement
  • Repair/replacement of substandard plumbing, electrical, siding, heating systems, hot water heaters, and other related activities
  • Environmental hazard abatement, including asbestos removal, lead paint removal and mold/dry rot repair

Household Eligibility Requirements

  • Must own the land on which the home sits (can not be rented land)
  • Must be a owner-occupied house or manufactured home
  • Must be a low- or moderate-income household (see the table below for income limits)*
  • Must reside in Crook, Deschutes or Jefferson counties
  • Other restrictions may apply

Loan Limits and Terms

  • Maximum Loan: $30,000
  • Rate: 4% APR
  • Term: Deferred, or customized payment plans to fit your needs.
  • Assumptions: The loan is not assumable.
  • Security: A promissory note and deed of trust will secure the loan.
  • Refinancing: Refinancing is not allowed.
  • Loan to Value: Up to 100% combined loan to value (CLTV)
  • Fees: Vary, depending on funding source.


To apply for the program, please complete the eligibility questionnaire.

South Deschutes Septic program

Provides loans for low to moderate income households in South Deschutes County to repair and/or replace failing onsite septic systems. Loans may be used to repair or replace an existing system including decommissioning of costs of an existing system, install a new system associated with an existing (not new) dwelling or to pay for connection to a sanitary sewer including the decommissioning of an old system.

Household Eligibility Requirements

  • Ownership: The program is available to owner occupied, primary residences in South Deschutes County. The program exists for the replacement and/or repair of existing, failing systems. Loans are not available for the installation of new systems.
  • Income: This program is targeted for borrowers with a maximum household income of 80% of the median income for the County.
  • Debt-to Income: Debt ratios are not calculated as payments are deferred for 30 years.
  • Asset Limitation: Borrower must demonstrate lack of means to fund the required septic upgrade.
  • Credit Worthiness: Borrowers are to be considered for loan approval despite failure to make one or more timely payments. No minimum credit score. No more than 2 liens and/or judgements can be recorded against the subject property.
  • Owner-Occupancy: The applicant(s) must occupy the property financed as primary residence.

Loan Limits and Terms

  • Maximum Loan: The maximum loan under this program is $30,000 per client.
  • Rate: 4.00% simple interest.
  • Term: The term of the loan is 30 years with payments deferred for the duration or until occupancy or ownership changes.
  • Assumptions: The loan is not assumable.
  • Security: A deed of trust will secure the promissory note. Deed of trust will not go below 3rd position.
  • Refinancing: Refinancing is not allowed.
  • Loan to Value: Maximum combined loan to value of all liens is 100%.
  • Fees: $1,500 servicing fee is paid out of funds available in the program. The fee is not paid by borrowers.

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