Call to Service: NeighborImpact Board of Directors

  • Have you ever had trouble making ends meet?
  • Do you care about people who are struggling?
  • Do you have a few hours a month to give to make your community better for economically disadvantaged citizens?

Consider serving on a NeighborImpact board committee.

Currently, there are no open seats on the board of directors. However, NeighborImpact is seeking community members to serve on its board committees. Your insights can shape how Central Oregon’s largest provider of social services helps the region take care of its most vulnerable citizens. There are four board committees focusing on: early care & education; community services; finance; and housing, assets and lending. Click on the committee for more information.

No prior experience necessary. Your voice is all that is needed. Please volunteer today.


Information about the Board

All members of the Board are selected in a manner to assure they speak and act on behalf of the group, organization, or membership classification which they represent.

A minimum of nine (9) director positions must be filled, but no more than fifteen (15) may be filled. Board members must be residents of Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. No county shall have less than three representatives at any given time. Each county shall have at least one board member from each of the following categories of representation;

(a) One-third of the Board is elected public officials.
(b) At least one-third of the Board is representatives of the economically disadvantaged of Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties.
(c) The remainder of the Board is comprised of representatives, officials or members, of business, industry, labor, religious, welfare, education or other major groups and interests in the community.

Interested individuals seeking a seat on the Board of Directors or one of its committees should submit an application describing their qualifications, interests and overall community involvement.

Click here for Board Application Materials

Click here for Board of Directors/Committee Member Application

During a director’s term they are required to serve on a Board committee, advisory committee or task force. The Board of Directors has regularly scheduled meetings convening on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm (day, time and location subject to change).

Board Roster

Chad Carpenter
Executive Committee

Deschutes County
Term: 1/18 – 12/20Laura Beebe
Vice President
Executive Committee

Deschutes County
Term: 1/19 – 12/21Brenda Comini
Executive Committee

Crook County
Term: ​1/18 – 12/20

Linda S. Walker
Executive Committee

Jefferson County
Term: 1/18 – 12/20

Brent Wilkins
Executive Committee
Attorney at Law
Deschutes County

Term: 1/1​7 – 12/1​9

Jose Balcazar
Deschutes County
Term: 8/19 – 12/21Hon. Roger DeHoog
Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals
Deschutes County

Term: 1​/1​7 – 12/19Jefferson Greene
Confederated Tribes of
Warm Springs
Term: 1/19 – 12/21

Mae Huston
Executive Committee

Jefferson County
Term: 1/19 – 12/21

Camden King
Redmond City Councilor
Deschutes County

Term: 2/1​8 – 12/20


Denise Piza
Madras Councilor

Jefferson County
Term: 12/18 – 12/20Sharon Smith
Attorney at Law
Deschutes County

Term: 1/1​7 – 12/1​9Scott Cooper
Executive Director

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