Home Energy Assistance Program


NEW BEGINNINGS: In years past, we have started the energy season in October
providing assistance to those in certain priority groups. This is changing.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Service is first come, first serve – Anyone can apply as soon as the season starts.
    There will be no priority groups. No one has to wait until January to apply.

  • Shut off notices and disconnected service – Please do not wait for a shut off notice or disconnected service to apply  Priority will not necessarily be given to those who have shut off notices or disconnected utility service. If you meet our income guidelines, you qualify for service. Please apply as soon as our season opens.

  • No appointments - Applications will be mailed to all households who have received EA
    this past year.

  • Call center available – We will still have our call center manned with 50% more staff to
    answer questions and direct people on the best method in getting an application for
    those that did not receive one.

  • Talk to your utility company  Let them know you have submitted an application. They
    will often call our department to verify. You can also make arrangements with your
    utility company to go on a manageable payment plan until you receive assistance.

  • Continue to pay your bill  Please make sure that you are working with your utility
    company to continue your service while your application is being processed.

  • Assistance Types:
    o Electricity
    o Natural Gas
    o Propane
    o Oil
    o Wood/Pellets

If your household income is within these guidelines, request your application today.

Call (541) 504-2155

Download the Energy Assistance Flyer

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