Host a Food Drive

Food donations from food drives are the highest quality food products distributed by the Food Bank.

Fund donations help us keep our programs running in order to help address Central Oregon’s growing hunger issues. Here are some tips for a successful food drive:

  1. Identify a reasonable goal. Consider how long you’ll run the drive and how many people you expect to participate.
  2. Keep enthusiasm high! Post pictures on social media, make it a competition or offer coupons, discounts or incentives.
  3. Decide what materials you’ll need. Create your own materials or request supplies such as posters, logo, donor envelopes, and fact sheets.
  4. Publicize your event! Put up flyers, send out e mails, make a facebook event, or send us the details and we can help spread the word.
  5. Decide how you will collect the donated food. Depending on the size of your drive, bags and/or boxes work well. You can gather your own materials or pick up a barrel at our Redmond warehouse. We’re happy to pick up your food when your drive is over, if it weighs over 200 pounds. Delivering food yourself to our Redmond warehouse is like giving an extra donation to the Food Bank.

NeighborImpact’s Food Bank needs these nutritious foods:

  • Canned meats (i.e., tuna, chicken, salmon)
  • Canned and boxed meals (i.e., soup, chili, stew, macaroni and cheese)
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned or dried beans and peas (i.e., black, pinto, lentils)
  • Pasta, rice, cereal
  • Canned fruits
  • 100 percent fruit juice (canned, plastic or boxed)

For more information or to arrange a food drive benefiting NeighborImpact, contact