Meets monthly or as needed. Zoom or teleconference participation.

Membership is by presidential appointment from within the board. The board vice president is generally chair but the board president may appoint an alternate chair. The role of the committee is:

  • Recruit board members to fill vacancies. Review applications for board and committee membership and recommend appointments to the board and president as appropriate.
  • Review and approve orientation materials for new board members. Monitor timely orientation of new board members and assign board mentors as appropriate and desired. Ensure that new board members are supported early in service.
  • Update the board-training plan as needed. Monitor allocation of training resources to board members. Encourage all board members to seek and receive training that supports the organization. Monitor recognition for training. Propose to the executive committee and/or board all-board training as appropriate
  • Monitor board and committee attendance and participation. Intervene as necessary to ensure that attendance standards are met as established in policy.
  • Verify willingness to continue board and committee service on an annual basis.
  • Plan social events for the board outside of governance activity. At minimum, plan two social interactions per year.
  • Administer the board self-assessment annually. Propose adjustment to the board development plan to address perceived areas where work is needed as appropriate.

Interested individuals seeking a seat on the Board of Directors or one of its committees should submit an application describing their qualifications, interests and overall community involvement.

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