Post-Pandemic Financial Renewal

As the end of the pandemic hopefully comes into sight, many are beginning to think about how we want to emerge from this chapter. For those who have been barely holding on financially over the past year, the return to an economic normal is a welcome relief. Yet to truly shed this stressful time, now is a powerful opportunity to take a look at our relationship with money, asking ourselves, how is my spending alignedRead More >

Target Campaign Brings Support to NeighborImpact

This winter, NeighborImpact was chosen to participate in a special charitable giving campaign, sponsored and funded by Target. From January through March 31st , shoppers and supporters voted for us through the Target Circle program to help determine how Target’s donation would be divvied up. Your generous support produced $1,175.62 to help us further our mission: supporting people and strengthening communities. This donation came from a larger pool of funds donated from Target to nonprofits throughout theRead More >

NeighborImpact offers COVID Rent Relief

Central Oregon– Thanks to an award of State funding, NeighborImpact’s COVID Rent Relief program is supporting Central Oregonians who cannot afford rent to due to circumstances related to COVID-19. The coronavirus health crisis has had a huge economic impact on the nation. Individuals and families across the region have lost income and jobs as a result of the pandemic. While a moratorium on evictions has prevented homelessness for many, it has not eliminated or reduced theRead More >

NeighborImpact seeks Representative Payee clients

Central Oregon—NeighborImpact’s Rep Payee program helps those who cannot pay their bills due to cognitive or physical challenges by ensuring that their finances are used to meet their basic needs. NeighborImpact’s Representative Payee functions as a fiduciary for individuals with income derived from Social Security who lack the ability to manage their own funds. The Representative Payee pays all of the clients’ bills on their behalf, including obligations such as housing, utilities, food, medical expenses,Read More >

NeighborImpact’s Meredith Berrigan Earns HUD Housing Counselor Certification

 Join us as we celebrate our own Meredith Berrigan, HomeSource Financial Navigator. For some, she was the first contact within HomeSource. For others, she could have been teaching your virtual workshop. Meredith grew within HomeSource starting as a local intern and growing into one of the most knowledgeable staff members.  Recently, she was successful in completing her Certification in Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counseling as well as becoming a HUD Certified Housing Counselor. Many clients state that Meredith helped them navigate through the mortgage assistanceRead More >

NeighborImpact Head Start programs now accepting applications

Central Oregon– Thanks to an award of state funding, NeighborImpact has launching a major expansion of its Head Start program, increasing slots by 76 percent from 445 to 784 children. Head Start is a center based program that integrates high-quality pre-kindergarten education with other critical services to ensure that children are socially, emotionally and educationally ready to enter Kindergarten. It also ensures that children receive medical, dental and vision screenings, allowing early detection and preventionRead More >

NeighborImpact Food Bank Partners with Winco

NeighborImpact’s Food Bank works with 20 different grocery partners in Bend and Redmond to ensure that excess food from grocery stores doesn’t go to waste. This February, Winco became the newest food partner. When Winco has food that is close to the sell-by date, they work to clear it from store shelves. Twice a week, NeighborImpact picks up these nonperishable food items and distributes them the same day at the Free Food Market and toRead More >

NeighborImpact, Northwest Area Foundation offer Goal Savers matched savings program

Central Oregon—Thanks to funds provided by Northwest Area Foundation, NeighborImpact is helping Central Oregonians save toward their personal goals and better their financial futures by offering a “Goal Savers” program. Each Goal Savers participant identifies a specific financial goal they plan to accomplish upon completion of the program. This goal is entirely individualized and could be anything that helps the individual move toward financial stability. They might save to rent a home, repair a carRead More >

NeighborImpact Head Start Returns to In-Person Instruction

Central Oregon—NeighborImpact Head Start has returned to in-person instruction! We know how important in-person interaction is for early learning, so we’ve taken extra safety precautions to make it possible, including teacher vaccination, smaller classroom sizes, alternating schedules, rigorous cleaning procedures and enhanced hygiene. “There’s smiles on everybody’s faces today! The kids are so excited to be back,” said Head Start Director, Kim Brown. Half of the children will attend classes on Mondays and Tuesdays whileRead More >

“On the Home Stretch” Closing Cost Assistance Program Accepting Applicants

  Central Oregon—Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, homeownership was unattainable for many Central Oregonians. With the effects of the pandemic on the housing market, purchasing a home has become even more difficult. Through a partnership with Central Oregon Association of Realtors, NeighborImpact is helping to make homeownership a reality with “On the Home Stretch,” a closing cost assistance program. On the Home Stretch offers assistance navigating the home buying process through counseling with a certifiedRead More >

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