Frequently Asked Questions

+ Project Background

Funding is made available for this project through the State of Oregon, acting by and through its Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and NeighborImpact in response to House Bill 5202 (2022 Regular Session) General Fund Grant to fund new locations for and expansion of child care businesses in Central Oregon. Funds in the amount of $8,228,100 are a result of the Grant for Recipient’s Rebuild Childcare Plan, which will fund child care program expansions and support new child care programs in Central Oregon by funding operating expenses, renovation costs, supplies and materials, and training and business development plans for child care providers.

+ Contact Information

For questions, concerns, and inquiries regarding any Child Care Expansion Project funding opportunity, contact Hannah Kuehl via email at or by telephone at 541-604-0421. For alternate communications and languages for applying, please contact Jessica Talero via email at or (541) 410-9953.

+ Quality Improvement Plan

Providers who receive funds as part of the Child Care Expansion Project will be expected to partner with NeighborImpact through the Agreement period to continue to improve program quality by means of consultation, education, and collaboration.

+ Appeal Process

NeighborImpact Child Care Expansion Project grants are intended to support and assist child care providers who are expanding or starting up a child care center. Funding is subject to rules and criteria which restrict funding eligibility or require ongoing eligibility to maintain funding. NeighborImpact reserves the right to find an applicant or recipient of funding ineligible for funding due to established eligibility criteria or other agency policies.

All applicants for or recipients of Child Care Expansion Project grants have the right to appeal unfavorable decisions made about their initial funding determination or denial or cancellation of benefits, the payment amount, or any other unfavorable decision. A grievance or request for an administrative review may be submitted.

The appeal must be requested within thirty (30) days of receiving the determination outlining the original decision.

Applicants or recipients of funding may not appeal when an application is denied due to a lack of funds.

Appeal Procedure:

  1. Applicants or recipients of funding may receive notification of denial or cancellation of benefits.
  2. Applicants or recipients of funding may submit an appeal to the project manager within thirty (30) days of receiving the notice outlining the original decision. The appeal shall be presented in writing. The project manager will provide a written notice of the appeal outcome.
  3. If the applicant or recipient of funding is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, they may request a hearing with the NeighborImpact executive director. The applicant or recipient of funding must submit a hearing requesting in writing within thirty (30) days of the written notice of the appeal outcome.
  4. The executive director will review the criteria and schedule a hearing with the applicant or recipient of funding within ten (10) business days.
  5. If the decision of the executive director is not in favor of the applicant or recipient of funding seeking funding, and if they still wish to appeal, then they may appeal to the NeighborImpact board of directors. The decision of the board of directors will be final.
  6. NeighborImpact will provide the aggrieved party with written notification for the final determination and basis for the decision within ten (10) days of the determination.