Do you live in South Deschutes County? Need critical septic system repairs or replacement of an old system?

South Deschutes Septic program

Loans for low to moderate income households in South Deschutes County to repair and/or replace failing onsite septic systems.

Loans may be used for:

  • Repair or replace an existing system including decommissioning of costs of an existing system
  • Installation of a new system associated with an existing (not new) dwelling or to pay for connection to a sanitary sewer including the decommissioning of an old system.

Household Eligibility Requirements

  • Ownership: The program is available to owner occupied, primary residences in South Deschutes County. The program exists for the replacement and/or repair of existing, failing systems. Loans are not available for the installation of new systems.
  • Income: This program is targeted for borrowers with a maximum household income of 80% of the median income for the County.
  • Debt-to Income: Debt ratios are not calculated as payments are deferred for 30 years.
  • Asset Limitation: Borrower must demonstrate lack of means to fund the required septic upgrade.
  • Credit Requirements: Borrowers are to be considered for loan approval despite failure to make one or more timely payments. No minimum credit score. No more than 2 liens and/or judgements can be recorded against the subject property.
  • Owner-Occupancy: The applicant(s) must occupy the property financed as primary residence.

Loan Limits and Terms

  • Maximum loan amount: $25,000
  • Rate: 4.00%
  • Loan term: 30 years with payments with option to defer for the duration or until occupancy or ownership changes, or until the home is sold
  • Security: A deed of trust will secure the promissory note. Deed of trust will not go below 3rd position.
  • Refinancing: NeighborImpact does not refinance loans.
  • Loan to Value: Maximum combined loan to value of all liens is 100%.
  • Fees: $1,500 servicing fee is paid out of funds available in the program. This fee is not paid by borrowers.

Have more questions about a South Deschutes County Septic Project?

For further inquiries, email or call 541-323-0085 and ask for Gina or John.