Courtney came to NeighborImpact in October 2015 by way of J-Bar-J Youth Services, after experiencing several occasions of homelessness throughout her youth.  She came to NeighborImpact because of DHS involvement, recently having lost custody of her child.

Courtney spent time in Nancy’s House, NeighborImpact’s family shelter. Shelter staff provided ongoing support to Courtney, and as a new mother she appreciated the help provided. She moved from the shelter to a rental through access to NeighborImpact Rapid Re-Housing resources, while acquiring the tools to seek, acquire, and maintain housing.

Through ongoing NeighborImpact involvement, Courtney received energy assistance and become involved with the HomeSource IDA program, which is a matched savings program intended to support participant goals related to housing, education, or employment.

As a result of NeighborImpact assistance and Courtney’s hard work, she was able to get her child back, has permanently left an abusive relationship, is now working – still housed and subsidy free.  She has aspirations of going to school but for now is enjoying some stability in her life, for the first time as an adult.

Courtney, who is now 22 years old, stated her life has changed because she now has stable housing which is something she hasn’t had as an adult and stated, and she’s learned that she could take care of herself. She’s most proud that she’s a good mom.