Bringing the Heat

Linda Hudson, a senior, lives on a fixed income. She struggled to pay her home’s high electricity bills and found it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in her home.

“My power bill has always been horrendous from the day I moved in,” said Linda.

Linda had her heat pump replaced after the original one stopped working, but was disappointed to find that the new pump did not help to reduce her energy bills. Additionally, one side of her home never seemed to get warm.

After hearing about the Weatherization program from a friend, Linda approached NeighborImpact.

“I talked to numerous people who had used [NeighborImpact’s Weatherization program] who said that it provided the necessary things to help lower their utilities. They were all excited,” she said.

NeighborImpact sent a Weatherization specialist to Linda’s home to conduct an on-site energy audit.

“Mike set up an appointment and came out to inspect. He was timely—it was a great start,” said Linda.

Mike spent several hours evaluating and documenting the existing condition of Linda’s home in order to determine which measures would save the most money on her utility bill. He found that the home had a large hole in the ductwork and a leaking pipe, among other things.

“I couldn’t believe the fantastic way they check everything, it was so phenomenal,” said Linda. “They were able to explain to me, very clearly, answers to all of the questions that I asked.”

Linda remembers struggling with wild animals getting under the house. She asked the weatherization crew to install screens to help prevent that.

“They accommodated me to a T,” said Linda. “They were just such nice guys to be around. They were polite and courteous and just professionals.”

After the crew completed the weatherization measures, Linda immediately noticed a difference in the comfortability of her home. The side of her house that was never able to get warm before is now as warm as the rest of her house, and using less energy to get there.

“I would recommend anybody that has any home issues that qualifies for the Weatherization program to do it,” she said. “They won’t be sorry!”