Grateful Clips

     This April, NeighborImpact kicked off its first ever Grateful Clips event. In partnership with Family Kitchen and the Community Shower Truck, Grateful Clips offered a free meal, warm shower and fresh haircut at no cost to those in need. 

     “Every single person knows what it feels like to have their hair done and just to be served and taken care of. To offer that to every person, no matter where you come from or what your situation is, it’s just a humanness that we all need,” said Leon Vannett, volunteer hair stylist.

     Two volunteer stylists dedicated 4 hours of their time and talent to give haircuts to seventeen individuals experiencing homeless. Supplies for the event were graciously donated by community members and local salons. 

     “Hair is tied to many things, you know. But the biggest thing is it’s how we’re perceived by people,” said Leon. “We’re giving every person we work with a chance for people to perceive them a little different and give them a chance.”