Mortgage Payment Assistance Available for Unemployed Homeowners

Redmond, OR– In an effort to continue to prevent foreclosure in Oregon, the Oregon Housing Stabilization Initiative (OHSI) is temporarily opening its Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA-U) program for unemployed homeowners. Potentially eligible applicants can submit their online application every other week (opens on Wednesdays) on OHSI’s website at

The MPA-U program provides a benefit of up to $20,000 in mortgage payments and up to $40,000 to reinstate loans that are in default for eligible applicants.

Basic eligibility requirements include:

  • Homeowner must currently be receiving unemployment benefits
  • The home is owner-occupied and primary residence
  • Homeowner cannot be in active bankruptcy
  • Homeowner cannot have previously received MPA benefits
  • Income limit 160% SMI (State Medium Income)

OHSI determines eligibility of applicants. Other eligibility requirements may apply.

For more information or instruction on how to apply, please visit