NeighborImpact offers free workshop, gives renters a competitive edge

Bend, OR – NeighborImpact’s HomeSource Program is helping residents navigate Central Oregon’s competitive rental market with its Ready to Rent workshop series.
The 4-session class provides coaching to rental applicants as well as current renters, and offers tools to overcome barriers to housing and eviction prevention.

Class topics include fair housing law, what landlords look for in a tenant, how to overcome past barriers and more. Participants also learn how to budget for housing costs and ways to get a competitive edge when submitting rental applications. Those who attend all four classes receive a certificate of completion.

“I found an apartment because of this class,” said Cassie Mercado, a graduate of the Ready to Rent series. Cassie struggled with a previous conviction on her record, which made it difficult for any of her rental applications to be approved. During the workshop she learned that a letter of explanation, among other things, could help prospective landlords understand her circumstances and reconsider their initial denial. “It made them see me as a person instead of just a criminal,” said Cassie.

The class also supports those already renting by offering lessons on budgeting and saving, tips on how to be a good tenant and information on a renter’s rights under fair housing law.

The upcoming Ready to Rent workshop series will be held at NeighborImpact’s Bend office, with sessions on February 18, February 25, March 3 and March 10 at 5:30 PM. The series is free and open to any interested parties, so long as they register ahead of time. To register for this workshop, please visit: