NeighborImpact saves a house, warms a home

Randi Johnson has had 3 heart surgeries and is disabled. She lives on a fixed income. She struggled to pay taxes on her home. “I hadn’t been able to work for a while. I couldn’t afford to pay my taxes and I didn’t know what to do,” said Randi. 

She came to NeighborImpact and worked with Meredith through HomeSource’s Loan Preservation Assistance program. “It took 1,000 pounds off my shoulders to know that I could afford to live in my house,” said Randi. Without NeighborImpact’s help, Randi would have relied on her daughter to secure housing for her. “It would have put my daughter in a bad financial bind, she said. 

Shortly after accessing this service, several vital components of her home stopped working. In the span of about 1.5 years, Randi had three major appliances break down in her home. She lost access to her well, septic and heat. “I couldn’t wash clothes. I couldn’t shower,” said Randi.  

NeighborImpact’s lending program gave her access to the funds necessary to fix all three—a debt that she will not have to repay until the house is sold.  

“NeighborImpact staff are totally amazing. They keep finding more ways to help,” said Randi.