NeighborImpact’s Meredith Berrigan Earns HUD Housing Counselor Certification

 Join us as we celebrate our own Meredith BerriganHomeSource Financial Navigator. For some, she was the first contact within HomeSource. For others, she could have been teaching your virtual workshop. Meredith grew within HomeSource starting as a local intern and growing into one of the most knowledgeable staff members.  Recently, she was successful in completing her Certification in Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counseling as well as becoming a HUD Certified Housing Counselor. Many clients state that Meredith helped them navigate through the mortgage assistance program.  Here are what they have to say: 

“I have worked with Meredith for several months now and she was able to help us out with paying our Mortgage payments and Mortgage assistance with the OHSI program. Anytime a program comes up, Meredith lets me know about it. Keep up the Great Work, NeighborImpact you are much appreciated!” – La Pine Resident 

“Meredith was a very helpful and positive person. She made me feel better just talking with her and I have finally had a positive experience when dealing with government programs.” – La Pine Resident 

“I was late and unable to pay my November house payment when I came across this program.  I hurried getting my required paperwork together – with Meredith’s help! Getting current after being behind in all my bills is a wonderful blessing.  I can see my way forward with a plan. Thank you for helping me keep my home of 37 years.”  -  Bend Resident 

“[Meredith was] very professional and attentive to my needs.” – Redmond Resident 

I could not be more grateful to Meredith, who was so patient with me! Meredith is the one who helped patiently guide me through the processes I had no idea were available for help. – Debra Soto, Prineville Resident