‘Now I know I can achieve any goal I want’

If you have ever just needed a reliable vehicle to get to places like work, appointments, or a grocery store, then you may connect with Voight’s story. Voight came into NeighborImpact looking for financial help. After speaking to his HomeSource financial counselor, Victoria, about the different programs offered, Voight decided that the IDA Matched Savings program would fit his needs. With the IDA Matched Savings program, every dollar Voight saved would be matched with an additional $5 for up to $10,000 or matched funds. Even though he was a bit unsure that he could save every month, Voight put his name in the lottery for his chance at achieving his goal to purchase a reliable car.

First Voight attended an orientation class to learn about what the IDA Matched Savings program was all about. Once his application was accepted, he met with Jeff, his IDA counselor, to discuss his goal to save up for a reliable car. Being disabled, it was hard to get around to his appointments and to work. After looking at his budget, Voigt knew it was going to be challenging, but $125 seemed doable. He was also enrolled in the Money on the Mind financial course which showed him ideas and different ways to budget and save. Watching his savings grow and with more self-confidence, Voigt says “Now I know I can achieve any goal I want. I plan to continue and save every month even after participating in the IDA program.” He reached his goal in 18 months and was able to buy a car that would be reliable for at least the next 10 years.