Partnership Makes Perfect

A partnership between NeighborImpact and Diversified Heating and Cooling brought about a winter miracle for one Redmond family. Don Loveless, owner of Diversified Heating and Cooling, wished to donate a new heating system to a family with great need. Loveless turned to NeighborImpact to find such a family.

NeighborImpact identified a single mother of three children who live in an old, single-story, stick built home. The existing heating system consisted of radiant heat in the ceiling—incredibly inefficient, expensive to run and uncomfortable.

Determined to help even when the project was much bigger than imagined, Loveless and his crew went to work transforming the home’s heating system in what became a three-day project. The company installed an entire new duct system under the home, a two-ton Trane heat pump and a top-notch thermostat—a total value of over $17,000.

“To go in and to see the person we’re helping and how we’re making a difference in their life—it feels good,” said Loveless.
NeighborImpact and Diversified Heating and Cooling look forward to continuing their partnership, with hope of helping another family in need next winter.