Successful Beginnings Intro to Finances Now Open

Central Oregon—In celebration of Financial Capability Awareness Month this April, NeighborImpact’s HomeSource is pleased to announce the launch of Successful Beginnings. This self-paced, online intro-to-finances course helps participants learn to manage money and familiarizes them with budgeting, saving, financial decision-making and action plans.

HomeSource of NeighborImpact has been helping clients across the income spectrum weather the economic effects of the pandemic. Through workshops and budget counseling, the program helps individuals of all incomes find more freedom and choices by helping them to actively engage with their finances. 

We know that income is not the greatest predictor of financial stability; rather it is the ability to engage with your spending habits and actively make a financial plan that aligns with your values. As one NeighborImpact client shared, “I had never heard the term Financial Capability before, but I had felt the effects of the lack of it all my life.” 

With funding provided by  NorthWest Area Foundation, the Successful Beginnings course is helping individuals from all economic backgrounds improve their financial capability.

Upon completion of the course, which is offered in both English and Spanish, participants have the opportunity to request an appointment with a financial specialist, who helps to personalize what has been learned and move towards reaching a certain financial goal & asset building.

Learn how to start taking control of your finances now by signing up for Sucessful Begunnings at