We’re There for Child Care

Chantelle Machau owns and operates Kidinc Preschool. Like many child care providers, Chantelle felt worried and overwhelmed by restrictions placed on child care due to COVID-19. NeighborImpact’s Child Care Resources stepped in with help. Rather than waiting for providers to request assistance, Child Care Resources’ team reached out to them, right away, with guidance for navigating the new rules.

“All the immediate help and reaching out to us from Neighborimpact was like having an extra blanket of feeling like ‘we’re going to get through this,’” said Chantelle. “All the information was just an absolute blessing.”

NeighborImpact also recognized the financial hardship providers experienced struggling to sustain operations despite a significant loss of income. We worked with Deschutes County, the City of Bend, Central Oregon Health Council and Early Learning Hub to provide bridge grants. Qualifying child care providers, including Chantelle, received financial assistance to weather the crisis. NeighborImpact staff hand-delivered the bridge grant check to Chantelle.

“I know I came to tears at one point because it was just overwhelming to know that I had that support,” said Chantelle.