Sixty-year-old Lisa Allen panicked when the well ran dry at her La Pine home. She had been working hard to pay off a loan for the home’s roof and had plans to retire in 7 years. “I was at a complete loss of what to do. I knew it was going to be a huge expense. I didn’t know how I was going to afford it,” Lisa said. “It was stressful because I was thinkingRead More >

Central Oregon—Central Oregon’s model of collaboration and partnership among the region’s cold weather shelter providers and community action agency is not one you are likely to see at this scale elsewhere in the state.  This year NeighborImpact has once again partnered with the Homeless Leadership Coalition and Central Oregon communities to create a regionwide network of cold weather shelters. NeighborImpact works with the Homeless Leadership Coalition shelter committee to better understand challenges facing shelter providersRead More >

Sandra Dolan, age 57, works hard to support her family. Her husband suffers from frequent seizures which prevent him from working. The household has grown. Sandra’s mother-inlaw, who lives with them, is in the early stages of dementia. Following two heart attacks, Sandra’s eldest son’s compromised health prompted him to relocate to his parents’ home. A short time later, Sandra’s youngest son also joined the household with his two-year-old son in tow. Suddenly, the householdRead More >