Redmond, OR– In an effort to continue to prevent foreclosure in Oregon, the Oregon Housing Stabilization Initiative (OHSI) is temporarily opening its Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA-U) program for unemployed homeowners. Potentially eligible applicants can submit their online application every other week (opens on Wednesdays) on OHSI’s website at The MPA-U program provides a benefit of up to $20,000 in mortgage payments and up to $40,000 to reinstate loans that are in default for eligibleRead More >

Redmond, OR– NeighborImpact’s Principal Reduction program is designed for homeowners who are on a fixed income and struggling to make their mortgage payment. The program will pay up to $50,000 to reduce the unpaid mortgage resulting in a sustainable lower monthly payment. This program is part of a statewide initiative, called the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative, with 19 approvals and 31 pending applications in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties alone. Newly published State Median Income levelsRead More >