Child Care Expansion Project

The Opportunity

In an effort to support and expand child care in Central Oregon, NeighborImpact Child Care Resources is providing a variety of funding opportunities to center-based and home-based child care providers, and to persons who want to become child care providers. Persons must be located in Crook, Deschutes or Jefferson Counties, or the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

Funds through this initiative will be distributed in three categories; persons are only eligible to receive funds from one Opportunity category.

  • Opportunity A: For Providers Who Are Expanding, or Will Become, Child Care Centers
    • “Our sincere thanks to child care providers who have shown interest in this opportunity. Due to an overwhelming response for Opportunity A, we will not be accepting further applications at this time. If additional funding is made available, we will re-open Opportunity A for more applications. We encourage providers to review and consider applying for Opportunities B and C, which include both financial and educational support for persons who are, or want to become, child care centers or home-based providers.
  •  Opportunity B: For Persons Who Are Expanding, or Will Become, Child Care Centers, and who are interested in receiving educational support
    • This educational and financial opportunity is open to persons who are expanding their child care center, or who want to open a child care center and who have experience in early childhood education. This opportunity includes participation in an educational program as a requirement to be eligible to apply for grant funding. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed; persons must submit interest and go through an application process.
  • Opportunity C: For Persons who Are, or who Want to Become Registered or Certified Family Child Care Providers
    • This opportunity is offered quarterly to home based child care providers or persons who want to startup a Registered Family or Certified Family child care program. It includes $5,000 in grant funding and participation in a free educational program designed for home based child care providers. Persons do not need to apply for this program; however, they must complete prerequisites before starting the course and must meet course deliverables prior to receiving funds. *This program is offered in English and Spanish languages.

For persons interested in finding out more about these opportunities, or additional programs through NeighborImpact Child Care Resources, email